New Product! Walk-In Tubs


1. High quality cast acrylic, easy-to-clean, gloss finish tub shell in white.
2. Ten therapeutic air massage jets. (0.5HP pump)
3. Twelve therapeutic hydro massage jets (1HP pump) 900 Watts.
4. Low threshold step in.
5. Six adjustable stainless steel heavy duty leveling legs.
6. Extra-wide durable stainless steel and tempered glass door  
with stainless steel door frame.
7. Two built in safety grab bars.
8. Wall extension kit to fit standard 60" standard tub opening. The total length of the tub with extension  
59 1/2 inches.
9. Thermostatic safety control valve in Fahrenheit.
10. 1.5 KW in-line water heater to maintain water temperature while bathing.
11. Ozone Sterilization, 12Volts.
12. Two 2 inch copper & brass drains with overflow (approximate 80 second drainage time). Operated with stainless steel cables to assure drainage reliability.
13. Two pneumatic control push on/off switches for air and hydro massage.
14. One pneumatic turn control switch for hydro massage air flow rate adjustment for milder massage option.
15. Two front and one end part access panels that remove easily.
16. Easy to clean removable rubber back supporting white matching color.
17. Brass chrome plated designer spout, two way diverter, and hand held pull out shower mixer with 6 foot long hose.
18. Two 3/4" stainless steel braided 4 feet long water supply lines connected to thermostatic control valve for easy reach to shut off valves.
19. Lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel frame, door, seal, and tub shell. Two year replacement warranty on fixtures and parts.

Available Options: Left or right side door/drain

Electrical Requirements: 110-120v, dedicated (total 25 Amp) use dedicated 30amp GFCI
Plumbing: Two " water supply lines, 4 feet long connected to valve and two 2" copper drains
Capacity: 75 gallons
Certification: ETL Intertek Tested and Certified for USA and Canada



Ella's Deluxe Walk in Bathtub shell is made from a white, high-quality cast acrylic sheet. This means our walk in bathtub has a high-gloss finish that is scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Most competitors offer walk-in tubs made from a lower quality fiberglass gel coat material. These walk in tubs are difficult to maintain and do not stand the test of time like ours do. The Ella's Deluxe walk in bathtub has a stainless steel, rust proof frame with six adjustable height legs for easy leveling and installation. The door and door frame on the Ella's Deluxe are made out of high quality stainless steel designed to last. The unique design of our door frame allows for easy replacement of the walk tub door seal if ever needed. The door seal can be replaced in minutes by simply pulling the old one out and putting the new one back into place. The door with a rounded bottom allows easy foot access into the walk-in tub. We offer lifetime warranty for the door, walk in tub frame and limited lifetime warranty for tub shell for your peace of mind. Ella's Deluxe walk in tub is equipped with 2 grab bars for additional safety and security. The Thermostatic Control Valve on the walk in tub prevents user from sudden temperature change shocks that can also often result in accidental falls in the bathtub. Thermostatic Control Valve default temperature setting is 104 degrees. The bather must press the red stopper down and turn handle in order to change the water temperature. Ella's Deluxe walk in tub's seat height is 15" and 21" wide. The design of the high seat and deep walk in tub allows for upper body soaking and comfortably accommodates any body type.
Our walk in tub also includes matching white color rubber back support. The back support is removable and simple to clean. Ella's Deluxe Dual Therapeutic Massage System consists of 12 hydrotherapy water jets and 10 therapeutic air massage jets. To create a bathing experience unique to you, our walk in bath 12 hydro jets come equipped with an adjustable air flow rate control and 1.5KW in-line Water Heater. This walk in bathtub feature allows you to adjust mild or more aggressive water flow in the tub. This is accomplished by adding air into the water stream, which reduces the massage intensity. In-line water heater will maintain a warm water temperature while bathing. Most of our competitors will only offer 0.3-0.9KW heaters on their walk in bathtubs making it difficult to maintain a warm water temperature.
Our walk in bathtub has a full body brass designer spout and diverter with solid chrome plating. Also included in the walk in tub is an adjustable pressure hand held shower mixer which easily pulls out and retracts. A prominent feature on the Ella's Deluxe is the Ozone Sterilization Generator. The Ozone Sterilization is a very effective sanitizer. It deodorizes and kills bacteria, viruses, microbes, and germs. Incredibly eco-friendly, ozone sterilization aids in keeping the tub clean. There are two removable front access panels and one removable end access panel for easy access to all walk in tub parts in case repairs are needed. The acrylic wall extension kit is included with a walk in tub and allows to fit our walk in tub right in to five feet opening if needed.
All of these features plus the clean, classic design of our Ella's Deluxe Acrylic Walk In Tub make it a joy to own and a breeze to maintain for anyone looking to enhance their bathing experience.

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